Well, you’ve launched your WordPress website. Congrats – that’s huge. Now you’re looking for ways of Turning WordPress to Handle High Amounts of Traffic to guarantee it can deliver better results, whatever your goals.

However, are you sure that you’re not losing visitors on your site? Or maybe you are puzzled over your slow loading website? Despite the fact, that WordPress is an amazing CMS platform, one pretty day your website can become quite slow if not optimized correctly. That’s fact. Let’s discuss the ways to improve the performance of your WordPress site and help it scale no matter how much traffic comes your way.

Well, this article will be useful for non-techies who wish to learn from every rock in their way. But how to get to know whether your website will stay up and speedy or will topple over fast? That’s a million-dollar question, after all.

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Checking Your Site for Weak Points

Tuning WordPress to Handle High Amounts of Traffic

Sometimes optimizing the performance of your website may feel like a never-ending journey. Though, there’s no need to shout for help. The point is you need to realize there’s always more you can do to improve and turn your website to handle high amounts of traffic. But first, you need understanding. Make sure you know the weak points of your WordPress website which need improvement. Let’s say, there is a big difference between a site running slowly because it is on a low-cost server, and a slow website because of inefficient code or massive images being jam-packed.

Understanding What Affects Performance?

How fast does a website need to be? Well, the load speed of your site matters much. In fact, according to Google, the site speed is one of the most important indicators that impact search rankings. The faster loading website you get, the more traffic and sales you get. That’s the science. So, if your load time is over 3 seconds, chances are you’re losing your audience. Let’s put more focus into making your WordPress website faster. So, if you want to increase traffic, generate more leads, making extra sales or whatever your goal, let’s learn the ways of ways of turning WordPress to handle high amounts of traffic.

Web Hosting

Tuning WordPress to Handle High Amounts of Traffic

Let’s understand what actually impacts the performance of a WordPress website. In fact, hosting, number of servers, and hardware performance are those biggest factors which do impact your website performance. So always choose a good web-host for your WordPress website. It’s not a secret that plugins and themes can perform fine, however, in peak times your server recourses can be pushed beyond their breaking points. Simply put, your server can get more work to do than it can accomplish, and Kaboom…it will become overloaded. Well, whatever web server you use, you need to tune it for web app performance.

Why is it so important? It’s obvious. Choosing the leader of the web design industry you get the best designs, responsive and SEO-optimized solutions compatible with a variety of modern browsers and devices. Say if you’re a serious business owner looking for professional designs, check out this bundle of WordPress themes for business and make your pick. It’s probably time to make difference in your WordPress theme.

It makes sense to choose the hosting server that speeds up your website. Besides, the physical location also plays a role in load times. It makes sense to find the server nearest to your customers’ location thus you get the best of both worlds – you make your customers happy and boost your sales. The best way is to use a host with multiple locations. What’s more, use web speed page test to check your website. For those who run a large WordPress site, it’s recommended to choose big hosting space, min of 10 GB of storage to ensure your website can scale no matter how much traffic comes your way in future. Remember, no matter how fast and efficient your website is, it can only load as fast as your host is capable of.

Avoid Disaster

Tuning WordPress to Handle High Amounts of Traffic

The point is that you need to keep your website in order. Use a minimum number of WordPress plugins. Activate and install only those which are essential for your website. If you think that you will use this or that plugin in the future, just disable it. Media such as images and video are often the slowest part of your website to load. So, you need to make sure it’s condensed and optimized for web viewing. Compress and format all your pictures properly before adding them to your website. When it comes to faster loading video, use advanced media player plugins or video hosting companies like YouTube.

What’s more, having too many redirects may frustrate your customers. Consider using linking pages to your content pages, for analyzing your web traffic it’s better to use other methods. Check your website for bugs, dead links or inefficient coding. If found – format them to increase your site’s load time.

Enable Caching on Your WordPress Website

Tuning WordPress to Handle High Amounts of Traffic

In fact, caching is the best practice to improve your website’s performance. With caching, you can decrease your loading time significantly. You can cache images, video and nearly every other design element of your website. This can be done by W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket, after all. Try any of them to enhance the speed of your site. The reality is there’s no silver bullet. It’s all up to you to pick the plugin you felt was the easiest to use.

Choose Best WordPress Themes

This, however, is one of the crucial aspects that impact the performance of your site from the very beginning. There’s a boundless ocean of great and modern WordPress themes ready to go out-of-the-box. But the trick is to pick only those built by trusted and reliable developer. Don’t waste your time and welcome TemplateMonster. This is a true game-changer with the most staggering collection of high-quality website templates crafted to match the needs of any web project.

Final Thoughts

Well, anyway try out all possible techniques for turning WordPress to handle high amounts of traffic. Remember, everything improves when your site performs faster. Think of it this way, even if you offer a high-quality content to your visitors, they are impatient to wait for it to load. So, what’s your choice?

Well, you’ve launched your #WordPress website. Congrats – that’s huge. Now you’re looking for ways of Turning WordPress to Handle High Amounts of Traffic.


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